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Daniel Newbury

Hi, my name is Daniel Newbury and I live in Greater London with my wife and two little boys.  In various guises, art has always been a part of my life.  Having progressed through a predominantly artistic education, producing work through a variety of different mediums, you could say I have ultimately found my way back to where I began, as I specialise chiefly in graphite drawing and pen & ink/watercolour.  I love how such rudimentary mediums have the power to bring a picture to life.

I find drawing and painting therapeutic but also incredibly fascinating and illuminating insofar as it gives me the opportunity to really see and appreciate the world around me.  I think many of us go about our lives without really stopping to study the world around us.  It’s easy to become desensitized to even the most beautiful things; architecture, the intricacy of artisan brickwork, the craftsmanship of wrought-iron fencing, the ornate design of a lamppost.  Even the most iconic historical landmarks are such an embedded part of our culture and our psyche that they’re often accepted without receiving the scrutiny they really deserve.  I’ve discovered that drawing gives me the chance to really appreciate my subject, however renowned or anonymous, and each time, to varying degrees, it is a revelation; to see things with fresh eyes and study the beauty as a child might on beholding something for the very first time.  

If I had to say I had an aim at all, I guess it would be to create artwork that inspires close scrutiny, so that the beholder is encouraged to relive the journey I went through to produce it; to take a moment to appreciate the intricate nature of the subject and consider something they might have previously overlooked.

‘Stokes of London’, aims to showcase our great City, from all the iconic attractions to the lesser-known delights. The idea is that this will be an ever-evolving project; to expand over the years and encompass not just central London but the Boroughs of Greater London and then even further out to include the other great towns and Cities of Britain. I love what I do, I hope this can be seen through my art.